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Friday, 25 May 2012

Cute little box type thing

I've been rubbish again!! How long since I've uploaded? I've been so busy at work with SATs and everything! Even this upload is something I made months ago and forgot to upload at the time!
Every so often I like to mkae little presents for my class. They are only 6, so I think it's important to teach them as much as I can about things that go on in the world as well as all the other stuff we have to do. So I made them all a little gift box on Valentine's Day and left a message from Cupid on the board for them!!

First I cut the shape from my scrap paper, I think it was 6" by 3". Then you score each half into a triangle.

Fold both sides over to form the triangle shape. Punch a hole into both sides.

I stamped the children's initials onto a piece of card and stuck it on to the front then threaded ribbon through the holes to fasten it.

Tie the ribbon at the top to keep the contents inside

Et voila!!!

I put hearts confetti, a pack of love hearts and a jelly bean heart shape in the middle.

The chilren seemed pretty happy, so I guess it worked.
Happy crafting everyone, hope you're enjoying the lovely weather xx