I've finally got round to creating a blog!! It's only taken me forever!! You'll have to bear with me as it will take me a while to figure out how to do everything!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Not crafting, but house today

Evening all,
Not done any crafting today as my sister brought my three little nephews over and I've spent the day playing. Just thought I'd add a couple of pics we've taken recently in the house. Plumber and electrician supposed to be coming tomorrow so I have high hopes of a kitchen appearing soon!! I haven't cooked in nearly three months, I've forgotten how!!

This is progress so far. It's a v tiny room and the new plaster on the walls seems to be taking a long time to dry out, which is why there are sections that haven't been painted. Can't wait til it's finished.

I also seem to have a fixation on fussing with little details that don't really matter and competely ignoring the big things that really need dealing with. I have no kitchen, but the birds are well looked after!!!

I look onto the garden from my craft room so have put this up to entertain myself while I'm working my way through sticker mountain!!!!

Right, I'm off to paint the lounge! Enjoy your evening x

Monday, 29 August 2011

Shocking stickers!!!

Evening all,
Hope you've enjoyed the bank holiday. Weather here has been appalling, so I've been painting the lounge while hubby put the worktops on the kitchen units. We will be straight one day!!!
My craft room is finally just about ready. Pics aren't great, but you can see how there's been an element of progress. A lot of stash is now on shelves and reachable, but some must still be in the garage as I am def missing stuff!!

I have a lovely view out over the garden, which looks like a bombsite, but it's getting there!!

Whilst organising my stuff I transferred all my stickers to a box under my table and was quite honestly a bit shocked. I separated all the Christmas ones to go in my Christmas box, but was left with this.....

It's a 35 litre box and it's overflowing with stickers. I then found some more later that had been put in a separate box when we moved!! I was slightly traumatised by this as I'd been in the pound shop that day and bought a few more packs while I was there!! So decided action needed to be taken!!

I quickly sat down and rifled off a stack of cards using some of my many stickers, a selection of card blanks (that I also have masses of) and a newly discovered box of papermania 2100 cut shapes to back the stickers with. Lost that in my old craft room a long time ago and re-discovered it in the move. Topped them off with a bit of ribbon and a stamp. V quick, but cute enough.
Hope you've all had a crafty day. Thanks for looking x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Christening gifts

Hi guys,
Not been uploading on here for a while as I've been off work for the summer and working on the house has taken priority. However, my friend's daughter was christened today and I was Godmother, so made some little bits for her. As the christening has taken place, I can upload the pics!!

I printed out a combination of two poems I found on the internet and put them on the candle, then tied some ribbon round it. I put it on a glass holder decorated with purple gems then sat it on some purple tissue wrapping type stuff and tied it in cellophane and added some more ribbon. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of it after wrapping!

I made a bookatrix card to give to her, it's pretty much the first one I've done really. I played around with them before but actually focussed on this one!!

I don't know why it's adding the photo in portrait when it was taken in landscape and I've no idea how to turn it round, so if anyone can help, all advice most welcome xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

New craft room!!

Hiya guys,
Really not been on here much recently and certainly haven't been crafting, but the end is in sight!! My new craft room is starting to take shape.

Yes, the rest of the house is still in complete disarray but there's paint on my walls and a carpet is on its way!! Good job too as I've decided to make my sister a set of notelets and some children's cards for her birthday next month and will need somewhere to make them. May actually be uploading pictures of cards again soon!!

We've also put a bit of time into making the front of the house look a bit smarter too while the weather has been nice.

Still no kitchen (6 weeks later!!) but I've got a hanging basket. so who cares!! Priorities are so wrong, but I'm having fun so I don't care!!!

I'm still looking at everybody's blogs when I get on here, just not updating this one as often as I should be, but I'll get back into it more when this house is a bit more sorted. Happy crafting everyone xx