I've finally got round to creating a blog!! It's only taken me forever!! You'll have to bear with me as it will take me a while to figure out how to do everything!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Here again - that's twice in a week!!!!

Yep, I'm determined to stick to at least one New Year's Resolution, and updating my blog is the nmost entertaining one. Being healthy and tidy will have fallen by the wayside within a week, so if I can at least keep this one going, I'll feel better!!!

I've just found some pics of a card I made my nephew in September when he started big school, so that's tonight's offering. I also have a few more, but I won't go too crazy all at once!!

I can't remember the name of the stamp (a Jolly Nation one), but I used watercolour pencils to colour it. The cardstock is all from the papermill and I used nestabilities to cut out the centre panels. The side panels are embossed using the cuttlebug swiss dots folder.

I had a random set of school themed stickers that I've had for years which I used to decorate the inside.

Well, I'm v impressed with myself for actually putting something crafty on here. I have a few other things I've done over Christmas that are now out of season, but should keep me blogging for a few weeks.
I'll just finish with a photo of all the naughty shopping I've done in no protest at receiving no crafty Christmas gifts - although there was some lovely ribbon round a pair of pyjamas!!!

I have spent a shocking amount of money as v little of it was actually sale stuff, so there will be no crafty shopping for me in the forseeable future (~yeah right!!)

Happy New Year everyone. Here's to a crafty 2012 xx

Monday, 26 December 2011

New Year's Resolution

Here's a funny one - my new year's resolution is to blog regularly!!! Given my track record, that'll be a good one to keep. I'm going to make a big banner to hang by the computer to remind me!!! You may have to keep nagging!!!
Anyone else picked their resolutions yet? xx

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Howdy peeps,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Hope Santa has made all your dreams come true and brought you everything you wanted xx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

How long?

Howdy folks,
Bet no-one even looks at this blog any more!! Can't believe how long it's been since I last uploaded. That's what teaching does to you - plenty of time over the summer then it's back to work and it all falls apart!!

Has been funny looking back at these pictures, and also good for the soul. House has come on a long way since I last uploaded!! Will put some new pics on later.
Love to all xx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Not crafting, but house today

Evening all,
Not done any crafting today as my sister brought my three little nephews over and I've spent the day playing. Just thought I'd add a couple of pics we've taken recently in the house. Plumber and electrician supposed to be coming tomorrow so I have high hopes of a kitchen appearing soon!! I haven't cooked in nearly three months, I've forgotten how!!

This is progress so far. It's a v tiny room and the new plaster on the walls seems to be taking a long time to dry out, which is why there are sections that haven't been painted. Can't wait til it's finished.

I also seem to have a fixation on fussing with little details that don't really matter and competely ignoring the big things that really need dealing with. I have no kitchen, but the birds are well looked after!!!

I look onto the garden from my craft room so have put this up to entertain myself while I'm working my way through sticker mountain!!!!

Right, I'm off to paint the lounge! Enjoy your evening x

Monday, 29 August 2011

Shocking stickers!!!

Evening all,
Hope you've enjoyed the bank holiday. Weather here has been appalling, so I've been painting the lounge while hubby put the worktops on the kitchen units. We will be straight one day!!!
My craft room is finally just about ready. Pics aren't great, but you can see how there's been an element of progress. A lot of stash is now on shelves and reachable, but some must still be in the garage as I am def missing stuff!!

I have a lovely view out over the garden, which looks like a bombsite, but it's getting there!!

Whilst organising my stuff I transferred all my stickers to a box under my table and was quite honestly a bit shocked. I separated all the Christmas ones to go in my Christmas box, but was left with this.....

It's a 35 litre box and it's overflowing with stickers. I then found some more later that had been put in a separate box when we moved!! I was slightly traumatised by this as I'd been in the pound shop that day and bought a few more packs while I was there!! So decided action needed to be taken!!

I quickly sat down and rifled off a stack of cards using some of my many stickers, a selection of card blanks (that I also have masses of) and a newly discovered box of papermania 2100 cut shapes to back the stickers with. Lost that in my old craft room a long time ago and re-discovered it in the move. Topped them off with a bit of ribbon and a stamp. V quick, but cute enough.
Hope you've all had a crafty day. Thanks for looking x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Christening gifts

Hi guys,
Not been uploading on here for a while as I've been off work for the summer and working on the house has taken priority. However, my friend's daughter was christened today and I was Godmother, so made some little bits for her. As the christening has taken place, I can upload the pics!!

I printed out a combination of two poems I found on the internet and put them on the candle, then tied some ribbon round it. I put it on a glass holder decorated with purple gems then sat it on some purple tissue wrapping type stuff and tied it in cellophane and added some more ribbon. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of it after wrapping!

I made a bookatrix card to give to her, it's pretty much the first one I've done really. I played around with them before but actually focussed on this one!!

I don't know why it's adding the photo in portrait when it was taken in landscape and I've no idea how to turn it round, so if anyone can help, all advice most welcome xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

New craft room!!

Hiya guys,
Really not been on here much recently and certainly haven't been crafting, but the end is in sight!! My new craft room is starting to take shape.

Yes, the rest of the house is still in complete disarray but there's paint on my walls and a carpet is on its way!! Good job too as I've decided to make my sister a set of notelets and some children's cards for her birthday next month and will need somewhere to make them. May actually be uploading pictures of cards again soon!!

We've also put a bit of time into making the front of the house look a bit smarter too while the weather has been nice.

Still no kitchen (6 weeks later!!) but I've got a hanging basket. so who cares!! Priorities are so wrong, but I'm having fun so I don't care!!!

I'm still looking at everybody's blogs when I get on here, just not updating this one as often as I should be, but I'll get back into it more when this house is a bit more sorted. Happy crafting everyone xx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm back!!!

So sorry I've not been on for ages. After moving it took us ages to get a new phone line fitted. Oh how I've missed the internet!!!
Been v busy doing DIY trying to make the house look a bit better. Not sure if it looks better or worse, but we've got a lot done over the last month.............
We've had the whole house re-wired so it's safe and we can plug things in instead of them not fitting because all of the old sockets were in the skirting board!!

We've had the damp proof replaced in the dining room and it's been skimmed. It's doubling up as a lounge and bedroom at the moment!

The fireplace has been put in properly in the lounge and it has also been skimmed although this photo was taken before that happened!

We've done a lot more than this, but I'll upload more pics tomorrow. We've also gone crazy cutting trees down in the garden and all sorts!

Hope everyone is well, looking forward to catching up with all your blogs soon xx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New house

FINALLY got the keys for our new house on Wed, so not a lot of crafting going on, but a lot of creative thinking!! It's a total dump!!

This will be my lounge, but currently is set up as a kitchen

This will be my kitchen but currently looks like something off the set of Oliver!!!!

I have a lovely but badly decorated hallway, so had great fun pulling the wooden panels off the walls
to reveal ....................................................

this gorgeous wallpaper. We're trying to remove it v carefully so when I make the scrapbook of "Changes to our house", I can use it as backing paper!!

We have a beautiful stained glass window in the hallway too. Slightly ruined by the mank that surrounds it, but it'll be pretty again one day soon!!!

This is the tiny bedroom upstairs. Not likely to be a bedroom, but should be about the right size for the computer

This is currently in the corner of the master bedroom. Not for long methinks!!

And this is going to be my craft room. How much stash do you think I'll be able to get into that cupboard?

Don't think I'll be doing much craftying over the next few motnhs as I'll be run off my feet trying to get this place sorted, but there'll be lots of updates on here and I will still squeeze some crafty time in.
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Promarkers and Tilda

Howdy folks,
Been having blogger probs again this week so haven't uploaded much. Also had 30 reports I wanted to write before we got the keys to the new house, so not been crafting much.

Have finally had a play, both with promarkers and Tilda! I've had both of these items for quite a while and never got round to using them, and set myself the challenge of doing so following a thread over at Docrafts. Not turned them into cards yet, but whaddya think?

This was a new stamp that I got, and the pirate one I've had for ages and just never used.

Think I might be a bit hooked!!!

I also finally got round to making new new address cards. They're not quite finished, but neither is the exchange!!! Another problem has come up at the last minute and we're now not sure if we'll be getting the keys tomorrow or not!! Joy!! I hope we like this house cos after all the hassle we've had, there's no way I'm ever moving again!!!!

The stamps are from Paper Artsy and they are stamped onto all the scraps of paper I didn't want to move to the new house. The blue sky is sprayed with aqua lagoon cosmic shimmers and the paper making the hill is Kate Knight (I think!). I will be adding a little road sign onto the front with the name of the road on it, but don't want to do that until I've actually got the keys in my hand. Just in case!!!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Forever Friends

Hi guys,
Loving the half term week - washing's on the line, I haven't even thought about reports and I'm off for a crafty shop to get some nesties!! Shame I'm 30 yeard off retirememnt - I think it would suit me!!!!
Went to the Trafford Centre yesterday as a birthday treat. Spent some of our wedding vouchers in Debenhams and bought a a new table setting set for the dining room we hope to have when we move and 2 duvet sets for the new bedroom we're planning. Also managed a quick trip to Paperchase where I got some of the cutest stickers I've ever seen - have big plans for some craftiness over the next few days!! Then enjoyed a lovely dinner at La Tasca and a trip to the Odeon to watch The Hangover II. A great way to spend the BH weekend.

As the move is getting closer, I thought I'd better get some birthday cards amde up to go in my box. New house cards are nearly finished, they'll be my next post.

I've used my Forever Friends stamp coloured with watercolour pencils, on a card blank coveed with some paper from my scraps box. The sticky ribbon has been lying around for years, I think I got in in a Christmas goody bag.No idea what the stamp is, probably one of a selection of clear sentiments I have somewhere. I made a few of these cards in a selection of different colours, just so I had some birthday cards available over the next few months.
Thanks for any comments xx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crazy Cats

Afternoon all,
I think my blogger has returned to normal, seem to be able to comment, post etc, just in time for the weekend leapblog, which is handy.

My latest offering is an attempt to use up some stash and fill my card box up a bit. I'm not a huge fan of cats, but absolutely loved these stickers. I have a few friends who have cats, so they should get used up in time.

Having said how cute I think they are, I can't actually remember where the stickers came from. I think they might be another 20p set from Home Bargains, but not honestly sure. The card is off cuts I had in my box and the ribbon is from my overflowing ribbon drawer. I made about 8 altogether, in a mix of colours as I was just using up what was laying around.

I prefer the colour scheme of these blue and purple ones but have a lot of maroon card lying around as I got v excited last year when hubby proposed and decided I was having deep red and cream as my wedding colours and rushed out and bought loads of card. After a while I figured it would look quite Christmassy, and changed to lilac and green. So have a stack of card lying around!!!

Thanks in advance for any comments, enjoy the bank holiday weekend xx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

More children's cards

Howdy folks,
Been having lots of problems with blogger, it seems to let me upload new blogs but not comment on other people's. I know a lot of people are having this problem, so hopefully it will be sorted soon. If not, please rest assured I am still looking at your blogs and seeing some gorgeous things xx

Have an INSET day to write reports tomorrow so I'm off to see my nephews!! I'll get the reports done at some point, promise!! I've been making my sister some more cards to go in her box, as she has 3 little boys so lots of kiddie's birthdays  to contend with.

I made these using a pack of children's papers, possibly from Dovecraft. When I go to visit my sister, there's a factory shop in the town that often has lots of craft stuff on offer, usually in big goody bags. I got this paper in one of them - could have been Trimcraft now I think about it!!

Each 12x12 sheet has the numbers 0 - 9 on it, so I cut round them and mounted them on a red ring cut using nestabilities with white card in the middle to resemble a road sign. Her boys love cards, so hopefully their friends do too!!

Wish me luck tomorrow - I'm babysitting a nearly 5, nearly 3 and nearly 2 yr old while their parents move furniture round!! Yikes!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Just out of interest

Evening folks,
Been having problems with blogger, logging in and things today so just doing a quick post to see if I can actually get anything to load up xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Afternoon folks,
Had a busy day making some cards for my sister's card box. She has 3 small boys, so I always make her a big stack of children's cards for her birthday or Christmas, think it might even be both this year! Thought I'd get an early start as will be busy with house move and maybe not crafting for a while - house needs a ridiculous amount of work doing to it to make it habitable. Housework certainly won't be getting in the way for a while as I have no kitchen and don't think there'll be floorboards in most of the downstairs for a bit!!!

I was in home baragins the other day and found some fabulous 3D children's stickers, so thought I'd make a start turning some of them into cards. I started with Spiderman, but also have some Toy Story, Disney Princess and Hello Kitty stickers to work with. Eldest nephew has just dicovered Star Wars, so feel some Star Wars type cars coming in the near future!!!

I'm not happy with these at the moment. They're too simple and a bit boring. I've done the webs in gold glitter pens, which hasn't really come across in the photos, but they need a bit more adding to them.

It's a shame about the white border round the outside of the picture, but I made a right mess when I tried cutting it off one of them. Just need a bit longer to think of something more impressive.

Friday, 20 May 2011


Evening peeps,
Bit of a late one tonight, first ever Friday night post. Only because I haven't downed a bottle of wine for a change, but never mind!!

Flowery offering this evening. I bought these chipboard messages from The Range the other week, as part of a collection that's been discontinued - I think it's called Sugar and Spice. Thought they were quite cute so rather than put them away, time to be a bit creative.

The flowers are made from a flower shaped nestability, cut from 6 pieces of paper from the Quite Contrary collection from My Mind's Eye (love their papers) given away with a recent Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine.I chopped them into 6 individual petals and made 6 cards in total. The ribbon stem is the 1" satin ribbon sold off in the Papermill closing down sale and the button is from my box, bought goodness only knows where and when.

Not really got any particular occasion in mind, just nice to send a note to a friend occasionally.

Will be starting my new address cards v soon - signed the contract yesterday, paying the deposit tomorrow, should be getting the keys on the 8th of June!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Using up bits

Evening all,
Had some good news on the house this week, off to see the solicitor tomorrow, hopefully to arrange a moving date!! So I''m making a real effort to use up some bits to try to make the moving process a bit easier!!! I have a lot of stuff!

I have an entire drawer full of ribbon, many just bits that were too long to throw away but not long enough to do anything fancy with. Also, often the end of a roll so doesn't necessarily match anyhing much. These cards made a good excuse to use up these bits of ribbon, plus some stickers I got free on the front of a magazine years ago and some biggish bits of off-cut paper. Good result for using up bits!!

I made a few different ones until I ran out of stickers, and they're all pretty different as I was winging it depending on the ribbon and paper bits I had. They're not cutting edge, but they're ok to go in my box. There's no message in them as I figured I could use them for anything xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Had a v pleasant trip this aft - hubby needed some paint so was more than happy to go. I really noticed today that their prices are quite a bit higher than in my local craft stores. Nesties were £23/£24, yet I only pay £20/£21 for them in my nearest shop. Needless to say, didn't buy any of those. Promarkers are £6.50 a set if anyone's after any.
Despite this, I got a pretty good haul and for a change, only bought things I either really needed or that were reduced, which is not my usual shopping style, believe me!!!

I got: 2 sets of "Lost and Found" acrylic stamp sets from My Mind's Eye, reduced to £2.99 each
        Nana's Nursery 8x8 paper stacks in Baby Boy and Baby Girl, reduced to £6.99 each
        2 sets of "On the Fly" small storage containers to store craft cancy in
        a stix 2 Essential ADhesives Kit, which is stacked full of stuff and was only £3.60         some Outer Space stickers, more for the kids in my class than crafting purposes
        Born to Shop Go Green A5 paper pack reduced to £1.99
        Born to Shop Go Green cardstock glittery stickers reduced to 99p
        Papermania Scalloped Box template
        White tissue paper pack
        Mini wooden pegs
        Mini silver bells
        Lolly sticks 

A pretty good day's shopping overall xx



Hubby doesn't know yet but am planning a sneaky visit to Hobbycraft this afternoon!! I have 3 nephews with birthdays in July, August and September, and the retail park that houses Hobbycraft also houses Toys R Us. I've managed to persuade him that we need to get the boys presents before we move as we won't have time, what with rebuilding the house!!! Will upload pics of my purchases later - as let#'s face it, there will be some!!

Have discovered paper piecing recently, and am absolutely loving it. Usually the first thing I do is take a card blank and cover it with patterened paper, so using it white has been a bit of a new thing for me. However, overall I like the effect. Now need to get some more character type stamps that will fit in with paper piecing, as despite having millions of stamps, not many of them would work.

The bird and sentiment stamp are free pink petticoat stamps given away fairly recently with a magazine, quite possibly Simply Cards and Papercraft, but I couldn't swear to it. The paper used for the bird and the balloon is from the Funky Vintage paper pack (I love this paper!!). The balloons stamps are from a papermania birthday set and I used nesties for the sentiment. I added a little silver gem to the centre of one of the flowers on the bird and cut the wing out of red card. The hearts on the sentiment are coloured with a Sakura gelly roll.

Hope you all manage a lovely crafty day, and if not crafty, then at least lovely xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Notelet Sets

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend. Weather is pretty changeable here today so popped out to pick up some wedding photos we ordered through the week and came home pretty sharpish! Was planning on starting my own wedding scrapbook so ordered the photos, then had some good news on the house move.
We put in an offer on an empty house that needs lot doing to it in January, and it's been the longest, most convoluted process I've ever been though. However, we are at the stage where we need to organise buildings insurance and pay the solicitor then we can sign the contract!! Woo Hoo!!! So I think the next scrapbook I'll be making will be a house revamp one rather than a wedding one. New craft room here I come!!!

Today's offering is a little set of 3x3" notelets and holder I made following a tutorial I saw on the Splitcoast Stmpers website. I find their tutorials really useful and easy to follow, and quite liked the look of these little notelets, so decied to have a go.

I used my Martha Stewart scoreboard to make my own blanks and the paper used to make the flowers is from the Claire Curd 200 sheet 12x12" paper collection. I cut the flowers using a template set I got free with a papercraft magazine a few years ago, is now packed ready to move and I can't remember which mag it came from. The stickers in the centre were an xmas present from a friend and came from Accessorise - I love their stickers!! I'm not sure where the white flower on the front of the holder came from - I taken them all out of the packaging and store them in a big clear plastic tub.
Never used to matter but with all this blogging, would be handy to know where they came from! Might have to rethink some of my storage ideas!!
Enjoy the weekend xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A card for mums

Evening folks,
Maths SAT paper today with 30 6 yr olds who really struggle with their maths - I'll leave the trauma to your imaginations!!! I had to come home and make some lovely thing to regain my sanity!! Having said that, we did spend the afternoon making in the classroom, so that brightened the day for us all.

I stole the idea for these mum cards from our year 1's who used them as a mothers day card a few years ago. I thought they were really cute, so have modified the idea on several occasions. If someone has a fairly short name, I've personalised them before. It's half a polystyrene cup painted with acrylics, then decorated with sticky ribbon. The flowers are cut from a free template from a magazine about 3 years ago, using a variety of paper from my stash, and the flower stems are the big pipe cleaners, probably bought in hobbycraft.

I can't remember where I got the brads from but I think they might be papermania. Some of these things were made before I thought of starting a blog so I haven't made an exhaustive list of what I've used. Certainly will do now when I make anything!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Mens card

Evening guys,
Had a busy day today. Just had to mark 30 SATs comprehensions from tiny little people who really can't sit in silence for 40 mins, bless them. Still, they've all done quite well, so good on them. And they do so much better when there's a thunderstorm going on! NOT!!
Had a go at a v generic mens card today. I'm not overly fond of making them so thought I'd keep it as simple as I could. The paper is from a paper pack of men's papers, not entirely sure where it came from. Dovecraft possibly? And the stamp is one I picked up from my local craft shop a while ago and have used quite a bit. Will check them name of it later. Need to do some packing tonight as it is starting to look like we might finally be moving in the next few weeks, after 5 months of messing around!! New craft room here I come!!!
Hope you all have a lovely evening xx

I really do have to do something about my "lack of photo taking skills." They're all rubbish! Need a lesson from hubby - or to find away to bribe him into doing it for me!! xx 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nappy cakes

Afternoon peeps,
The weather just can't make up its mind what to do today so I decided a day making delightful things and getting ready for hosting a staff meeting tomorrow (gulp!) and sATs week was in order!
Made a nappy cake for a friend who had a baby a while ago, hence today's pic - what do people think of these? I know they were huge a while ago but they seem to have gone out of fashion a bit. Anyone know anything about this? I'm not a parent so don't know how well received they are as gifts. I'm fairly sure I'd be made up if anyone sent me one xx

I tie dye my own baby gro's and always put them in, along with bottles, dummys, bibs, hairbrush etc.
I did a bit of a search on google and found nappy motorcycles and cars and things which are incredibly cute and wondered about having a go at one of these instead. Not been brave enough to try it yet. What do you think?

This isn't a v good photo, but it's some of the baby gros that I put inside the cake.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Piece of Cake

Hope you're enjoying the weekend. We've had rubbish weather, typical as I've done 3 washes and can't get anything on the line. Can't move at the moment for falling over airers!!!

Didn't upload yesterday, and have only just realised I haven't uploaded today either. How many people work full time and upload during the week then not at the weekend? Makes no sense!!

It was my friend's birthday a while ago and she can't eat cake, so I made her a cake card instead. I'm almost sure the template came from a back copy of a crafting magazine, but for the life of me I can't think what it was. I used a mix of coloured cards and papers from my stash, a bit of Flower Soft for texture and a candle from one of my nephew's birthday cakes to finish it off.

I'm not too good with a camera, need to get my hubby to start taking my pics. He's far better than me!! xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Seating plan

I've only just realised that people will be reading these backwards, as I've done them in separate posts and the first one explaining about the wedding postings. Will see if I can figure out how to change the order to make it make a bit more sense.

Next photo is a picture of our table plan. We used a big canvas frame and painted it in lilac, sprayed a lot of cosmic shimmer spray and decorated it with stamps, buttons, jewels etc. We printed the names on to coloured card and I used the circle nestabilities to cut out table shapes and attached them roughly in the order they were set up in the marquee.

The lettering is from a set of chipboard letters that I painted with Ranger crackle paint in peeled paint then rubbed a bit of brown into the cracks. You can just see my little cousin in his kilt in the background!! x


We had a marquee set up at the pub I worked in from being 14 to 21 and had the most amazing reception you could possibly have hoped for. The marquee was a completely blank canvas, so we wanted to sort out some decorations to go in it. I was planning to organise my own balloons but having had a trial manicure on my nails a few weeks before, decided there was no way was tying knots in balloons after I'd had that done!! So ordered a display from a local party planning shop. They did an absolutely gorgeous job.

I didn't have a guest book in the end because there were going to be quite a few children there and I figured parents might not want them scribbling in an official book, so used heart shaped nesties and made a huge number of hearts in green and lilac to hang round the outside of the marquee and put pens on each table. People could just unpeg the hearts, write us a message then peg them back up. We used cosmic shimmer spray to colour the pegs green and purple and it all looked pretty effective. We got some lovely messages and some really cute pictures from the children. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a v good pic of all of the hearts hanging up, but you can see them a bit in this pic.

I'll upload a bit more wedding stuff later, got marking to do!!!!! 6 yr olds writing - joyous!!! x


We sorted all the table decoration ourselves, making the chairs from a template bought from the Paper Mill. They were filled with our favourite sweets from our childhood - parma violets, mini wham bars and personalised lovehearts!!
We used a heart stamp that features on other things to stamp on candles and used grungeboard to make a band to go around the middle of them. We named the tables after places we were planning to go on our honeymoon, but some of these changed as we left it pretty open about where we wanted to go and ended up cracking the oil sump on our car, which slightly altered our plans!!!!

We ordered napkins with our names and the date of the wedding on them, which just added a nice touch to the table - well I thought it did anyway!!

Wedding Stationery

Hi guys,
Finally some rain!! My garden will be so grateful - I'm not the best at remembering to water things!!
A bit of an older set of photos today. Last year I married my gorgeous hubby Chris and we pretty much made as much of our own stationery as we could. So I thought I'd upload some pics of these, as I've got so much marking to do at the moment I don't think I'll get chance to make anything new for the next month :-(( 

Having looked at the price of wedding cakes, my hubby decided there was no way he was paying that, so would make it himself - can I just point out that at the time he had never made a cake in his life and we were planning on a sit down meal for 80 and a further 70 in the evening, so quite a few people for this cake to go round!!! He is a designer, so had plenty of ideas and in his usual jammy way, managed to make this most delicious, amazing looking cake!!

We decided to base it around our honeymoon, so the road starts at the church at the top then comes down past the Eiffel Tower as we went to France, the boat is the ferry that took us to France in the first place, the little car is our Alfa who took us on our 1,000 mile round trip, the champagne bottle denotes the champagne tour we took at Reims. Out of sight round the back is a black and white chequered flag showing that we ended our trip in Belgium watching the Grand Prix at Spa. A pretty amazing 10 days. It's a sponge inside, one on top of the other and lots of clever engineering holding it together!!!
Pretty good for a first attempt. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and mum asked him to decorate her cake xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hard day in the classroom!!

Wowsers it's been a tough day at work today. SATs for my little 6 yr olds next wek so we've been doing some writing practice today to get them into the right frrame of mind. I'm exhausted now!! And have a huge amount of marking to do. But hey ho!!

Got a picture of a project I tried a while ago, but I was never really sure enough of them to make another. Remember those dolls you used to be able to get that children could practise buttons, poppers, zips etc? I wanted one for my nephews a while ago and couldn't find one anywhere. And so Scruffy Bob was born. I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the most amazing of imaginations, and slaved over this for many hours. It has a range of fastenings, with the dungarees being fastened with a lace at the back. I'm not a parent so don't know how useful this kind of doll would be for a child. Any ideas anyone?  Hope everyone's had a good day x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I've borrowed my fabby husbands talents and got him to help me to make some of these carousels. I need to design a girls version but want to keep them wooden. I got the little cars from Baker Ross but they don't really have anything that would suit a girls one. My nephews loved this car one, but then I think you could give them anything with a car or a train on it and they'd love it!!!

If anyone has any ideas for a girls version, please give me a shout x