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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chicken Run

Am just uploading a picture of our chicken run for Luke.

We are thinking we might make it a little bigger as the birds are already slightly larger than we expected and they are still quite young. We hadn't intended putting the coop in the run either, it was going to attach to one side but because of the design, it would have been v difficult to open.
When they have eaten all the grass, we are going to put down a membrane and fill with woodchip. The coop will be turned round and placed up at the other end. We've added a hanging basket to it to put cabbage and greens in, this was a v early pic before we had the birds. Will upload another when the weather improves. It's throwing it down at the moment!!


Luke J said...

Great run, if I could go back and start mine again I would make it a walk in one, as they make it so much easier to maintain. I would recommend you put a roof over it if you haven't already, as I made this mistake before and it can get very muddy in there! I have uploaded some pics of my chickens onto my blog so take a look.

alifrew said...

Will do. It does have a roof, clear corrugated plastic. Don't think we'd put it on when I took this pic. We are already making plans to extend it as I feel they would benefit from a bit more space. It will prob be about 3/4 m wider at the sides and we'll move the coop up to the top left corner facing the other way. I'll take some more pics when we're done. Right, off to check out your chickens

ALI said...

Enjoy your fresh eggs they are lovely. We have been keeping chickens for a couple of years now, we have now added a bee hive.

Debsie said...

Hi thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog and yes our granddaughter is beautiful and such a pleasure to have in our lives.
Love your chicken run, we have four girls,they have brought so much pleasure to our lives. Great cards too xx