I've finally got round to creating a blog!! It's only taken me forever!! You'll have to bear with me as it will take me a while to figure out how to do everything!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hmmn, should have known when I was being smug about uploading that it wouldn't last for long!! I have been RUBBISH again this year so far, but in my defence we are still trying to sort out this stupid house! We have moved onto the garden now and my veg patch is starting to take shape. I am also planning on getting some chickens soon, which will be full.

I am still crafting and have been remembering to take photos, I've just not been uploading things :-(. However, I bought a laptop last week so as soon as all the necessary thigs are uploaded to it, I will hopefully be more of a regular vistor to my own blog and also to yours. In the old house we had the computer in the lounge so it was switched on permanently and I was on it all the time. Not I have internet on my phone and the computer is upstairs so I might only come on it once  a week. Not great for keeping up to date with a blog. Now that I have my laptop I can use it from the lounge and might just be here a bit more often.

A concerted effort will be made to upload something tomorrow then I can legitimately join in the leapblog xx

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CraftyLoops said...

Dont worry about your commitment to blog more. My New Years Resolutions have gone down the pan!! I was to finally sort out my craft room once and for all AND to build up a good paper stash (I have virtually no patterned paper pads!! What kind of crafter am I?!). Well I am failing miserably at both!! Though.....in my defence we did start in the craft room this week (Only 3 months after New Year!)!! Boy its gonna take FOREVER to straighten that room out! It may be a New Century Resolution where my craft room is concerned, lol. Welcome back anyway....I'll be back later to see what youve uploaded. Lee x