I've finally got round to creating a blog!! It's only taken me forever!! You'll have to bear with me as it will take me a while to figure out how to do everything!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Cute little box type thing

I've been rubbish again!! How long since I've uploaded? I've been so busy at work with SATs and everything! Even this upload is something I made months ago and forgot to upload at the time!
Every so often I like to mkae little presents for my class. They are only 6, so I think it's important to teach them as much as I can about things that go on in the world as well as all the other stuff we have to do. So I made them all a little gift box on Valentine's Day and left a message from Cupid on the board for them!!

First I cut the shape from my scrap paper, I think it was 6" by 3". Then you score each half into a triangle.

Fold both sides over to form the triangle shape. Punch a hole into both sides.

I stamped the children's initials onto a piece of card and stuck it on to the front then threaded ribbon through the holes to fasten it.

Tie the ribbon at the top to keep the contents inside

Et voila!!!

I put hearts confetti, a pack of love hearts and a jelly bean heart shape in the middle.

The chilren seemed pretty happy, so I guess it worked.
Happy crafting everyone, hope you're enjoying the lovely weather xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Age cards

Just a quick one today as have visitors coming soon.
I've made some age cards for children's birthdays this week. I pinched the idea from a recent card making magazine, but for the life of me can't remember which one or where I've put it. Will update if I can locate it.
They had loads of suggestions for using numbers on cards, so I had a set of numbers from Wilkinsons and thought I'd use them up.
It doesn't really look too childlike in the picture but is v bright and colourful. I am toying with the idea of stamping "You are" at the top and "Happy Birthday" or "What a great age to be" at the bottom. Haven't decided yet.Not suer if you can tell, but one of the numbers is larger than the others and popped up on 3D foam pads to make it stand out more than the others. It's not a great pic, I'm rubbish with the camera.

Right, have lovely weekends everyone. I'm off to Febreeze curtains and all sorts of exciting things!!!!! No crafting for me til Monday :-((

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chicken Run

Am just uploading a picture of our chicken run for Luke.

We are thinking we might make it a little bigger as the birds are already slightly larger than we expected and they are still quite young. We hadn't intended putting the coop in the run either, it was going to attach to one side but because of the design, it would have been v difficult to open.
When they have eaten all the grass, we are going to put down a membrane and fill with woodchip. The coop will be turned round and placed up at the other end. We've added a hanging basket to it to put cabbage and greens in, this was a v early pic before we had the birds. Will upload another when the weather improves. It's throwing it down at the moment!!

Monday, 9 April 2012


Not too sure how I've done it but I've been going through my old posts having been taught by Kathleen Mc how to put labels on posts. Thought I'd go back though old posts and label them, yet seem to have reposted a few of them!!! I do apologise xx

Little teddy cards

Evening folks,
Hope everyone's had a nice day. No thunderstorms today which has been a refreshing change. We've had loads over the last week or so.

Something a bit different from me today.

I've become a bit obsessed recently with small cards. I'm a bit of a 6" square kind of girl, or A6 as a general rule, and having spent my Easter holidays watching youtube videos instead of packing up my craft stuff ready for a house move, I've seen loads of 3" cards, or just generally rather small ones. I had some card blanks and envelopes that I'd bought from Botany Bay a few years ago and shoved in a drawer, in a lovely shade of blue. I used me 2 1/2" scalloped square punch to cut some forever friends paper and stuck them over some silver sticky ribbon. I got the set of teddy stickers from Home and Bargains for 80p and had some happy birthday peel offs that had been sat around for a while. I am really trying to use up as much stash as I can at the moment as when I move I'm getting a proper craft room and it'll overflow at the moment!!!!! xx

More little cards

Evening folks,
Hubby is off at some TVR meet thing this eve so it's me, a bottle of rose and the computer for the evening.I will regret this tomorrow when I haven't marked my books, have a headache and a sore neck from falling asleep on the sofa, but it feels good at the moment so who cares?

I've got some more little cards on the go at the moment. With the house move ever imminent, I thought it would be a good idea to stock up my card box so I have some to hand if an occasion arises before I've got all my stuff unpacked. I've made a set with no message so I can use them for whatever and just add an appropriate sentiment when needed.

The card blanks are from Botany bay gain, the ribbon is from Dovecrafts, I used mirricard and a 1/2" circle ounch and the owl stickers are v cute and from Accessorise. The hearts were part of the pack.

These cards are blank ones provided in the DoCrafts Goody Bags, the mirricard and circle punch features again and the paper is from a free pack that came with a magazine. Can't remember the name so will have to wait til I've unpacked my caft stuff. There's a strip of silver sticky ribbon to hide the paper join, and the sentiment stickers are part of a Forever Friends sticker set. The hearts came from a pack of stickers from Home and Bargain which cost 79p - it's my new craft supplies shop xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely relaxing Easter weekend. We have been v busy preparing for our new arrivals!!

I've always wanted chickens and it's become possible since we moved into our own house, so we decided Easter would be the perfect time to ge them!!!
Hermione (AKA Flighty Whitey!!) She is a White Star and so far seems a bit bonkers. She likes to try to take flight and had run up my husband's back within minutes of being in the run!!!

Ginny (AKA Lady Sussex, seems a bit high and mighty!) a White Sussex. She was a bit skittish at first but seems to have settled down now.

Luna, a speckeldy. Lovely, calm, quiet and cuddley.

And Ishmilla (named by my husband, therefire not a HP lady!). Also seems v calm and quiet and cuddly.

So that's my eggciting Easter news!! (Sorry!). Hope you're all having a lovely time. Planning a bit of crafting tomorrow as I did a bit of shopping yesterday whilst out getting chicken bits!!! I foresee a lot of cards with gardening and chicken themes!!! Happy crafting xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Finally - a crafting post!!!

At last!!! I've made a card!! I've actually made a few!!! And they would even be ok for men!!! It's been a long time coming, but it had to happen at some point!!

I'm off work for Easter so decided it would be ok to treat myself to some online crafty shopping as I could be at home to pick up the package. I've been wanting one of these
for ages. I decided I had to cut back on my crafty spending (which is excessive!) so haven't bought much in a while. But I decided this didn't count as it's an ongoing item rather than a new thing!!! I can talk myself into anything if I really want it!!!

So when it arrived I had to make stuff!! I was v strict about using up free stuff I have been getting off magazines so chose a 6x6 paper pack by "We Are Memory Keepers" which has a bit of a male colour scheme. So I picked out a few sheets of paper and began................

I got some really cute felt letters from the Works so thought I'd use those too as they fit in with the colour scheme.

This came next
Then this one......
And there was another one but I haven't finished it yet!!!!

Then I picked a pack of stickers from my incredibly large collection and so this happened!!!
I made a pack of 6 to tide me over with thank you's for a while!!

Something v exciting happened today as well, but I haven't managed to photograph it yet. Pop back on Easter Sunday to see what's been going on!!

Happy Easter everyone xx

Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Shed

Still no crafting, but more house stuff. Spent a v exciting day in the garden putting up a new shed! It's all go round here! Tomorrow we get a new dining room cabinet and Monday I intend to craft!!

We started with this in the morning .......

and had this by the time it went dark!!!!

Hope you're enjoying your crafting. I can't wait to get back to it! Thanks for stopping by xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New laptop

Ok, there's hope. I have now got a laptop and found both my camera and the charger, so there is hope that this poor blog might actually be updated occasionally!!! I still have half a house to finish decorating and organising. And a whole garden to sort out!! Plus a huge veg patch to fill, so don't hold your breath!!

Just to prove I have been busy (just not with crafting), here's a few snapshots of what we've been up to in the garden.....

We put a back gate on the garden......

then built a picnic bench.......

put up a greenhouse and planted lots of seeds to fill a huge veg patch.....

and then built a brick bbq. All in the space of one day!! We celebrated the next day by having all the family round for a BBQ and going to the beach. It was lovely due to the wonderful weather at the weekend. New shed arrives Friday and new dining room cabinet on Sunday, so we'll be a bit closer to being organised!!! Fingers crossed!!
We're also boarding the loft so all the boxes of stuff can go in there instead of in my crafty room!!

Hope you've all managed more crafting than I have recently. I'm sure it will all start up again when this house is finished. We're installing a new bathroom over the easter holidays! What fun! Happy crafting peeps xx  

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hmmn, should have known when I was being smug about uploading that it wouldn't last for long!! I have been RUBBISH again this year so far, but in my defence we are still trying to sort out this stupid house! We have moved onto the garden now and my veg patch is starting to take shape. I am also planning on getting some chickens soon, which will be full.

I am still crafting and have been remembering to take photos, I've just not been uploading things :-(. However, I bought a laptop last week so as soon as all the necessary thigs are uploaded to it, I will hopefully be more of a regular vistor to my own blog and also to yours. In the old house we had the computer in the lounge so it was switched on permanently and I was on it all the time. Not I have internet on my phone and the computer is upstairs so I might only come on it once  a week. Not great for keeping up to date with a blog. Now that I have my laptop I can use it from the lounge and might just be here a bit more often.

A concerted effort will be made to upload something tomorrow then I can legitimately join in the leapblog xx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Yearly Planners

Afternoon all,
Feeling a bit smug with myself as I'm actually posting for the second time this week, as I promised myself I would at the beginning of the year. Long may it continue!!!
Today's post is actually craft related, rather than house related. Makes a refreshing change!!
Every year I make these planners, first seen in a very very old issue of one of the craft magazines. May hav been Simply Cards and Papercraft, but I really can't remember. It was about 3 years ago. They are made from 2 A4 brown envelopes, and whilst a bit time consuming, v pretty and v useful. I change them year by year as I get new stuff, but the follow the same basic layout. I give some away as presents and always keep one for myself. Never have I actually used it, but it hangs around in my bag for a month or so then gets stuck in a drawer somewhere. Maybe this is the year that will all change .......................

Apologies for the poor picture quality - I have finally found my camera charger after it being missing for 2 years, but the memory card seems to have been taken out of my camera so I still can't use it until I get  a new one!! Grr.....
Anyway, this is the front cover. The tabs at the side are for labelling the pockets made from the opening of the envelopes. Books rings down the side hold it together and give you space to jazz it up with ribbons.

This is a post it note set I got in Home Bargains for about 60p. Proper post it note quality so they don't fall out all over the place. I've seen the same ones for £2 in stationery shops!!

I stamped the months of the year onto notepaper bought in The Works using individual letter stamps from one of those little £1 sets, then found a set of months stamps 2 days after I finished. As I made 10 of these, you can imagine how long it took to stamp all of them!!! I did sell a few at a craft fair though, so no complaints.
The sign with the year on on the other page is from a Tim Holtz die.

This is another pad bought from Home Bargains, also post it note type sticky at the top, although I don;t think these ons were made by the post it note company.

That was a big post!! Well done if you're still awake!! Hope the year has started well for you, and that your crafting is going well xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

House update!!

Have a couple of pics showing improvements to the mammoth task our house has become!! It's far from done but is now definitely livable inable!!

The bedroom has gone from this:

to this:

Hopefully you can see some changes!!!!

The dining room has gone from this:

to this:

We still have a long way to go but at last feel like we're making progress. More pics to follow, I'vve finally found my camera charger after 9 months!!!!
Thanks for looking. Happy crafting (or decorating!) xx