I've finally got round to creating a blog!! It's only taken me forever!! You'll have to bear with me as it will take me a while to figure out how to do everything!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

New craft room!!

Hiya guys,
Really not been on here much recently and certainly haven't been crafting, but the end is in sight!! My new craft room is starting to take shape.

Yes, the rest of the house is still in complete disarray but there's paint on my walls and a carpet is on its way!! Good job too as I've decided to make my sister a set of notelets and some children's cards for her birthday next month and will need somewhere to make them. May actually be uploading pictures of cards again soon!!

We've also put a bit of time into making the front of the house look a bit smarter too while the weather has been nice.

Still no kitchen (6 weeks later!!) but I've got a hanging basket. so who cares!! Priorities are so wrong, but I'm having fun so I don't care!!!

I'm still looking at everybody's blogs when I get on here, just not updating this one as often as I should be, but I'll get back into it more when this house is a bit more sorted. Happy crafting everyone xx


CraftyLoops said...

Your house looks beautiful and Im sure its so exciting knowing that your craft room will soon be finished and kitted out. Its a beautiful blue you used for your walls. It would look stunning with white storage units and shelves.....listen to me designing your room when my own looks like a bomb has hit it!! Lee xx

alifrew said...

We certainly think alike Lee - I now have 3 white wardrobes in there full of crafty stuff and the shelves are v pale wood!! I'm not finished by a long shot but a lot of crafty stuff has made its way in there already!! My excuse - need to make my sister some cards for her birthday next month!! x