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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wedding Stationery

Hi guys,
Finally some rain!! My garden will be so grateful - I'm not the best at remembering to water things!!
A bit of an older set of photos today. Last year I married my gorgeous hubby Chris and we pretty much made as much of our own stationery as we could. So I thought I'd upload some pics of these, as I've got so much marking to do at the moment I don't think I'll get chance to make anything new for the next month :-(( 

Having looked at the price of wedding cakes, my hubby decided there was no way he was paying that, so would make it himself - can I just point out that at the time he had never made a cake in his life and we were planning on a sit down meal for 80 and a further 70 in the evening, so quite a few people for this cake to go round!!! He is a designer, so had plenty of ideas and in his usual jammy way, managed to make this most delicious, amazing looking cake!!

We decided to base it around our honeymoon, so the road starts at the church at the top then comes down past the Eiffel Tower as we went to France, the boat is the ferry that took us to France in the first place, the little car is our Alfa who took us on our 1,000 mile round trip, the champagne bottle denotes the champagne tour we took at Reims. Out of sight round the back is a black and white chequered flag showing that we ended our trip in Belgium watching the Grand Prix at Spa. A pretty amazing 10 days. It's a sponge inside, one on top of the other and lots of clever engineering holding it together!!!
Pretty good for a first attempt. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and mum asked him to decorate her cake xx


GoonerGirl said...

Brilliant cake well done Chris. Like you we made our own cakes too (see my blog)...Chris xx

Alizabethy said...

Wow - what an amazing personalised cake!

alifrew said...

Thanks guys. We did have great fun making it and hubby was so proud of himself!! Off for a nose at yours Chris x

alifrew said...

Wow Chris, your cake was amazing. All your wedding photos are gorgeous, it looks like you had a really special day x