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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Using up bits

Evening all,
Had some good news on the house this week, off to see the solicitor tomorrow, hopefully to arrange a moving date!! So I''m making a real effort to use up some bits to try to make the moving process a bit easier!!! I have a lot of stuff!

I have an entire drawer full of ribbon, many just bits that were too long to throw away but not long enough to do anything fancy with. Also, often the end of a roll so doesn't necessarily match anyhing much. These cards made a good excuse to use up these bits of ribbon, plus some stickers I got free on the front of a magazine years ago and some biggish bits of off-cut paper. Good result for using up bits!!

I made a few different ones until I ran out of stickers, and they're all pretty different as I was winging it depending on the ribbon and paper bits I had. They're not cutting edge, but they're ok to go in my box. There's no message in them as I figured I could use them for anything xx


Fiona Keel said...

very pretty card Ali, always good to have spare cards ready for unexpected occasions, lovely dome stickers, Fi x

skated said...

Really like this card as i love using up left overs

Kate xxx

alifrew said...

It's all I've been doing recently!! Need to see if I can make new home cards doing the same!! x