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Sunday, 22 May 2011


Afternoon folks,
Had a busy day making some cards for my sister's card box. She has 3 small boys, so I always make her a big stack of children's cards for her birthday or Christmas, think it might even be both this year! Thought I'd get an early start as will be busy with house move and maybe not crafting for a while - house needs a ridiculous amount of work doing to it to make it habitable. Housework certainly won't be getting in the way for a while as I have no kitchen and don't think there'll be floorboards in most of the downstairs for a bit!!!

I was in home baragins the other day and found some fabulous 3D children's stickers, so thought I'd make a start turning some of them into cards. I started with Spiderman, but also have some Toy Story, Disney Princess and Hello Kitty stickers to work with. Eldest nephew has just dicovered Star Wars, so feel some Star Wars type cars coming in the near future!!!

I'm not happy with these at the moment. They're too simple and a bit boring. I've done the webs in gold glitter pens, which hasn't really come across in the photos, but they need a bit more adding to them.

It's a shame about the white border round the outside of the picture, but I made a right mess when I tried cutting it off one of them. Just need a bit longer to think of something more impressive.

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Heather said...

these are great Ali, love the webs xx