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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Went over to The Range in Southport today to have a bit of a nosey. It opened a while ago but today was my first trip. We had an offer accepted on a house in January and STILL haven't signed the contract due to many problems with it, but in order to avoid getting annoyed about it, we thought we'd try to get a few ideas for decorations and things so went for a look.
We bought a beautiful mirror destined for the wall above where we want to put the fire, only to dicover it was too big for the backseat of the car (which is v small) so had to take it back!! Hubby so not impressed!!
Unsurprisingly I was totally distracted by the craft stuff and spent a fortune on stuff I didn't need!! But isn't it pretty?

Hopefully in the next few days I might actually make something with some of this stuff and upload it!! Hope everyone's enjoying the bank holiday weekend x

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