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Monday, 9 April 2012

More little cards

Evening folks,
Hubby is off at some TVR meet thing this eve so it's me, a bottle of rose and the computer for the evening.I will regret this tomorrow when I haven't marked my books, have a headache and a sore neck from falling asleep on the sofa, but it feels good at the moment so who cares?

I've got some more little cards on the go at the moment. With the house move ever imminent, I thought it would be a good idea to stock up my card box so I have some to hand if an occasion arises before I've got all my stuff unpacked. I've made a set with no message so I can use them for whatever and just add an appropriate sentiment when needed.

The card blanks are from Botany bay gain, the ribbon is from Dovecrafts, I used mirricard and a 1/2" circle ounch and the owl stickers are v cute and from Accessorise. The hearts were part of the pack.

These cards are blank ones provided in the DoCrafts Goody Bags, the mirricard and circle punch features again and the paper is from a free pack that came with a magazine. Can't remember the name so will have to wait til I've unpacked my caft stuff. There's a strip of silver sticky ribbon to hide the paper join, and the sentiment stickers are part of a Forever Friends sticker set. The hearts came from a pack of stickers from Home and Bargain which cost 79p - it's my new craft supplies shop xx

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