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Thursday, 26 May 2011

More children's cards

Howdy folks,
Been having lots of problems with blogger, it seems to let me upload new blogs but not comment on other people's. I know a lot of people are having this problem, so hopefully it will be sorted soon. If not, please rest assured I am still looking at your blogs and seeing some gorgeous things xx

Have an INSET day to write reports tomorrow so I'm off to see my nephews!! I'll get the reports done at some point, promise!! I've been making my sister some more cards to go in her box, as she has 3 little boys so lots of kiddie's birthdays  to contend with.

I made these using a pack of children's papers, possibly from Dovecraft. When I go to visit my sister, there's a factory shop in the town that often has lots of craft stuff on offer, usually in big goody bags. I got this paper in one of them - could have been Trimcraft now I think about it!!

Each 12x12 sheet has the numbers 0 - 9 on it, so I cut round them and mounted them on a red ring cut using nestabilities with white card in the middle to resemble a road sign. Her boys love cards, so hopefully their friends do too!!

Wish me luck tomorrow - I'm babysitting a nearly 5, nearly 3 and nearly 2 yr old while their parents move furniture round!! Yikes!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely card, love the way the number forms a race track x

Alizabethy said...

What a fun card!

Heather said...

That is great xx

Karen said...

Great card. Hope the babysitting went ok xx

alifrew said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Nephews were v well-behaved, but had me run ragged. I was ready to cry by the time I got home!!!

GoonerGirl said...

What a great card and idea I love how the 8 forms the track well done, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.. Chris xx DC