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Monday, 9 May 2011

Mens card

Evening guys,
Had a busy day today. Just had to mark 30 SATs comprehensions from tiny little people who really can't sit in silence for 40 mins, bless them. Still, they've all done quite well, so good on them. And they do so much better when there's a thunderstorm going on! NOT!!
Had a go at a v generic mens card today. I'm not overly fond of making them so thought I'd keep it as simple as I could. The paper is from a paper pack of men's papers, not entirely sure where it came from. Dovecraft possibly? And the stamp is one I picked up from my local craft shop a while ago and have used quite a bit. Will check them name of it later. Need to do some packing tonight as it is starting to look like we might finally be moving in the next few weeks, after 5 months of messing around!! New craft room here I come!!!
Hope you all have a lovely evening xx

I really do have to do something about my "lack of photo taking skills." They're all rubbish! Need a lesson from hubby - or to find away to bribe him into doing it for me!! xx 

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