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Thursday, 5 May 2011


We had a marquee set up at the pub I worked in from being 14 to 21 and had the most amazing reception you could possibly have hoped for. The marquee was a completely blank canvas, so we wanted to sort out some decorations to go in it. I was planning to organise my own balloons but having had a trial manicure on my nails a few weeks before, decided there was no way was tying knots in balloons after I'd had that done!! So ordered a display from a local party planning shop. They did an absolutely gorgeous job.

I didn't have a guest book in the end because there were going to be quite a few children there and I figured parents might not want them scribbling in an official book, so used heart shaped nesties and made a huge number of hearts in green and lilac to hang round the outside of the marquee and put pens on each table. People could just unpeg the hearts, write us a message then peg them back up. We used cosmic shimmer spray to colour the pegs green and purple and it all looked pretty effective. We got some lovely messages and some really cute pictures from the children. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a v good pic of all of the hearts hanging up, but you can see them a bit in this pic.

I'll upload a bit more wedding stuff later, got marking to do!!!!! 6 yr olds writing - joyous!!! x


GoonerGirl said...

Beautiful colours that you choose it looks FAB..Chris xx

alifrew said...

Thank you. We were really lucky in that after 3 weeks of non-stop rain, the sun finally came out for us. Everything looked beautiful and fresh after the solid rainfall and the sun was dying to shine, so it made everything look incredibly pretty for us xx