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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I've borrowed my fabby husbands talents and got him to help me to make some of these carousels. I need to design a girls version but want to keep them wooden. I got the little cars from Baker Ross but they don't really have anything that would suit a girls one. My nephews loved this car one, but then I think you could give them anything with a car or a train on it and they'd love it!!!

If anyone has any ideas for a girls version, please give me a shout x


Debbie said...

how cute he looks! x

alifrew said...

Thanks Debbie, he is quite a cutie. This is a really old pic now, he's off to school in September!! x

Fiona Keel said...

its fab! maybe a girl would like flowers or butterflies in pinks and lilacs? just a thought, Fi x

alifrew said...

I found some little wooden tulips that I might try, if I can find them! We're hoping to move soon so everything is packed up. I think they might just be a bit too small though. Will have to keep searching for wooden things to pop on x