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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A card for mums

Evening folks,
Maths SAT paper today with 30 6 yr olds who really struggle with their maths - I'll leave the trauma to your imaginations!!! I had to come home and make some lovely thing to regain my sanity!! Having said that, we did spend the afternoon making in the classroom, so that brightened the day for us all.

I stole the idea for these mum cards from our year 1's who used them as a mothers day card a few years ago. I thought they were really cute, so have modified the idea on several occasions. If someone has a fairly short name, I've personalised them before. It's half a polystyrene cup painted with acrylics, then decorated with sticky ribbon. The flowers are cut from a free template from a magazine about 3 years ago, using a variety of paper from my stash, and the flower stems are the big pipe cleaners, probably bought in hobbycraft.

I can't remember where I got the brads from but I think they might be papermania. Some of these things were made before I thought of starting a blog so I haven't made an exhaustive list of what I've used. Certainly will do now when I make anything!!

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Karen said...

Lovely card. What a good idea. Karen xx